Tips to Hire Dotnet Developers

Tips to Hire Dotnet Developers
In recent years several advanced development platforms have emerged. But Microsoft’s Dotnet still leads the pack. What makes it so popular is its ability to support scalable, robust, flexible, and high-end applications.
There are many companies who hire Dotnet developers India for their application requirements. Some of these hiring engagements prove to be successful while some fail badly. So what makes the difference?
Here are a few tips you can follow when you think of offshore Dotnet development India.
Develop What is Needed
Hire Dotnet programmers who understand your requirements and analyze them first and then develop the application. Without complete knowledge they cannot develop an application that delivers business benefits.
Tailor-made Development
Every business is different and so are their needs. Standard application may not address certain special requirements. So your Dotnet developers should be able to custom develop features and functionalities for your business.
Virtualized Server Environment
Hire Dotnet developers India who can develop your application in isolated virtualized server environment that is secured by firewall. This will secure your project specifications. They should even test your application in this isolated environment.
Well Defined Development Process
Your Dotnet developers should follow a systematic and step-by-step development process. They should have a well-defined roadmap of what to do when and benchmarks for the same. This will give you transparency and make it easier for you to track the development.
Security Standards
Make sure that your development company has high security standards. After all you will be sharing your intellectual property, critical business info, and digital assets with them. Similarly they should be under contractual obligation to hand over your application source code to you.
Go Beyond Coding
Dotnet developers who do not limit themselves to just coding and programming will do wonders for your application. These developers will believe that their responsibilities do not end once the application is delivered. They will offer support and consultancy as well.
Employment Terms
Hire Dotnet developers who are bound by minimum employment term contract so that they don’t bail out midway. This will provide you stability in application development. Frequently changing developers will only add to your cost and make your development cycle longer.
Data Backup Measures
Your offshore development company should have measures in place to regularly back up your development environment, your code, and all documents that you have shared with them. It’s advisable to even backup mail correspondence and communication carried out.
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