Standard of Biometric Identification

Standard of Biometric Identification
During the last few years, the diligent efforts of the scientists have improved the robustness of the fingerprint scanners. Therefore, Biometric Identification has replaced all other protection security system like password, photo identity card. With the growing demand of fingerprint scanner and reader, many companies are now manufacturing the devices for fingerprint recognition. Manufacturers are using various technologies to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the system. FBI and other government agencies felt the need of using the latest biometric technology to enhance their performance. In this context, the federal government appointed National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to promulgate standard specifications of biometric device. The main objective of the task was to increase the widespread collection of high quality images, to share the data with other agencies through an integrated system and interoperability of the system. NIST is a non-regulatory organization under United States Commerce Department’s Technology Department. Their main task is to develop and acknowledge the new technology that enhances the productivity and improves the quality of human life. Accordingly, NIST developed “Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification”, or “EFTS.” Federal Bureau of Investigation, the large user of biometric identification system, became a partner of the job.
The main objectives of standardization of fingerprint identification system are as followed.
The standard will mention the methods of assessing the quality of the will ensure that all biometric systems in government agencies can work will guide the procedure of capturing and enrollment of biometric properties, calculation of the results and reporting in such a way, so that performance of one system can be compared with the performance of another will open exchange of biometric data between different agencies and biometric systems which are built by different companies.
NIST has suggested the following four important features of fingerprint devices.
Fingerprint capturing device should be certified by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conform to FBI electronic system.Manufacturers should follow FBI guideline of height and width specifications for the imaging surface and the scanning resolution of number of pixels per centimeter in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The specifications will be informed by FBI from time to case of live scan, the operator will be able to see the displayed image, so that he can reject the inferior quality of image and recapture fingerprint acquisition should follow the international protocol.
As FBI is the major user of fingerprint identification system; the vendors want the certification from FBI. This certification assures the users of the biometric system that the images captured by the system are high quality and support all phases of identification for forensic experts. Hamster IV Fingerprint Reader from the house of 360 Biometrics is a perfect example of a FBI Certified, FIPS 201/PIV compliant fingerprint reader. For more details you may contact 360 .

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