Microsoft Internet Sector Turned to The Application Development on Win8 Platform

Microsoft Internet Sector Turned to The Application Development on Win8 Platform
According to the latest tech news,Microsoft’s Network Services division launched Bing, MSN and Microsoft Advertising products, but there are hundreds of developers full-time work for Windows 8 Tablet PC,Windows Phone and Xbox consoles.
This called AppEx team has developed news, tourism, finance, weather, sports, maps, and other applications, and has been launched as part of the Windows 8 beta. They are mainly using HTML5 and JavaScript to develop, and there may be an integral part of Bing and MSN. AppEx’s purpose is to display Windows 8 user experience to customers and other developers.
AppEx team leader Brian McDonald, vice president of Microsoft’s online services MacDonald who is responsible for program management of the network services department and will be the core engineering team. He also has experience in application development. Ironically, McDonald had previously responsible for NetDocs team, the team specializes in developing Internet-centric office suite, but may threaten Office, Microsoft has finally closed the business.
Why Bing’s internal team focus on application development rather than focus for the search algorithm? Bing Adam Thorn said, the answer from the data / cloud assets. “When Microsoft developed a search service, they created key data / cloud assets for the company” he said.
Windows Phone is a first attempt of Microsoft to take advantage of this asset. Bing team developed a Local Scout and Windows Phone version map. With mobile phones and Windows 8, customers can enjoy the user experience provided by the back-end cloud, as well as the front of the MSN content. Thorne said that in the network services sector, “We want to use these assets to enhance the attractiveness of other Microsoft products.”
The search will become another important asset, and may be integrated into the the more AppEx application. Microsoft has transferred voice team from the department of entertainment and terminal to the network services department few years ago.
Although the team may launch more Windows applications in the future, but not all applications are compatible with the Microsoft platform. The team has developed a Bing application for the iPhone and the iPad, and is expected to launch more cross-platform applications in the future.