Glamorous Sports Personalities

Glamorous Sports Personalities
Now tell us, how many sports person can you recognize, rather easy question, isn’t it? They are all around you. Apart from being visible in their sports, they are in TV commercials, they are in outdoor banners, they are at cover pages of all types of magazines and they are even launching fashion garments. Sports people who are turning to glamour industry are making good amount of money out of their name and fame achieved through sports. Here are some of the most glamorous sports persons in the world.
Serena Williams- This 30 year old American tennis player has 29 Grand Slams in her bag. Not only she is known for her brilliant and aggressive performance but she is also in discussions for her choice of clothing during match. She is the biggest name in the glamorous word of women sports. Not only she has a tie up with Nike but she also has her own line of designer apparels called “Aneres”.
Anna Kournikova- Anna Kournikova is now retired from the professional tennis but she has got a celebrity status that very few sports persons have. She is one of the most glamorous names in the world of tennis and also among those who don’t follow tennis religiously. She is hosting reality shows and is a Global Ambassador for Population Services International’s Five & Alive program. She is also a much talked about name in media as she is in relationship with sexy Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. She had even given her appearance in his album “Escape”. You can buy videos of this album in which this glamorous tennis player has given her appearance.
Maria Sharapova- She is young, she is beautiful and she is a successful tennis player. No tennis player can escape from the glamour world and all these qualities give Maria Sharapova the “Glamour girl of sports” title. She is one of the most stunning women players of current time.
Natalie Gulbis- This golfer is a hot sports celebrity of today. Natalie Gulbis has sold a personal calendar, which is enough to tell about her popularity and after posing for the FHM magazine she had made her name enter into the list of glamorous sports persons.
It is not that only women players can be glamorous. Here are some guys who earn big through tournaments they play and bigger through their glamorous image.
David Beckham- David Robert Joseph Beckham is more known as David Beckham and is the biggest and the most glamorous name in the world of sports. This English football player has played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, A C Milan, and the England National Team. He is endorsing many brands and is earning big out of this field. This guy these days comes with a glamorous package which includes his wife Victoria Beckham (ex- Spice Girls singer) and his four kids Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David, and Harper Seven. Buy exclusive images of the celebrity family of David Beckham including the latest addition in the family, Harper Seven.
Cristiano Ronaldo- He is one of the most glamorous celebrities. This Portuguese footballer has become the most expensive footballer after he switched his team from Manchester United to Real Madrid. He is dashing, successful and yes highest paid footballer as well. He has an autobiography published with title “Moments”, he has opened a fashion boutique along with her sister with name “CR 7”. He has his wax statue in Madame Tussauds museum in London. What else you need to be a glamorous name? There is lot more you must be interested to know about this guy. If you want to know more about this player buy latest news images related to Cristiano Ronaldo.


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