Consumers Are Willing to Spendmore $100 to Buy The Phone With Three Patented Technologies

Consumers Are Willing to Spendmore $100 to Buy The Phone With Three Patented Technologies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology marketing professor John Hauser made a survey conducted via the Internet, consumers are willing to spend more to get with a multi-point touch and screen scrolling phone. However, Samsung expressed doubts, saying that Hauser’s survey may not meet the consumer shopping decisions in the real world.
In addition, Apple’s patent portfolio in charge Tektronix Chrysler also talked about Apple’s authorization strategy. He said that Apple has authorized a number of design patents.
Apple and Samsung’s patent infringement lawsuit has attracted many attention, the two companies accounted for half sales in the global smart phone market. Apple said that Samsung copied the designs and some of the features from iPhone and iPad, and asked the court to ban the Samsung products, and requested Samsung to pay compensation. Samsung said that Apple violated the company’s wireless technology patents.
In San Jose, California District Court in the first two weeks of the trial, witnesses main concern to disputes over technology patents. Hauser said that Tablet PC users are willing to spend $ 90 to several patented features and smart phones in the same. This will become one of the main basis for Apple to seek more than 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of damages.
Samsung’s attorney, William Price to Hauser’s question said, why did not disclose the fees paid by consumers for additional storage capacity and other functions like, this is closely related to the true pricing with Apple products. Hauser insisted that the calculation is correct, but he also acknowledged that this result may be different with the real situation.
Tektronix Chrysler in the subsequent trial, said that Apple’s patents are very open, but the core technology with a unique user experience, Apple do not want to open. The patent involved in this lawsuit are in this category.
Tektronix Chrysler said in 2010, Samsung launched the Galaxy S smartphones, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and COO Tim Cook are privately contacted Samsung, raised dissatisfaction. In terms of components of smart phones and tablet PCs, Apple is one of the largest customer of Samsung.
The Tektronix Chrysler, said: “We were shocked, they had a credible partner.” He will continue to testify in court on Monday.”


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